Deborah Pohl  is a Hoboken based artist working in the tradition of still life oil painting.

Deborah creates contemporary images, seeking an understanding of ourselves through our environment. Deborah works solely from real life, taking hours to set up each new poetic combination of objects and drapery.

By Alembika Author

Artist Deborah Pohl

The objects speak to our senses, recalling our interactions with the world, evoking our memories. Throughout her career, Deborah has been both an art maker and an educator, showing her work at galleries such as the Trenton City Museum and the Jersey City Museum. She has been the winner of an NJ State Council of the Arts Fellowship and her work has been reviewed in the New York Times.  

My paintings occupy the category of still life while working against the genre’s expectations by presenting objects in unfamiliar, surprising compositions. 

Deborah Pohl

Working solely from real life, Deborah Pohl seeks a feeling as she takes hours setting up each painting’s composition. The objects themselves are distinctive: Classic still life objects, like fruit and drapery, are combined with overlooked and often discarded relics of our everyday lives. She attempts to transcend the ordinariness of the objects to create quiet humor, an abject quality, and subtle philosophical questions about art and our lives. Using traditional oil painting methods beautifies the most ignored and mundane.

Deborah Pohl was inspired by the AD202S – coming soon.

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To view more of Deborah Pohl’s art, See her Instagram @deborahpohlart and her website  

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  1. Such exquisite work. I LOVE the quality of classic still life imbued with a quiet quirkiness of the composition of subjects rendered. beautiful!

  2. i am in awe of the work of realists. the compositions in deborah’s work are meditative to me. just gorgeous.

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