When fashion meets art, we reimagine what inspires us… Alembika has embraced the talents of 12 amazing artists, all women, and we’re thrilled to present this fabulous consortium of artwork as the official launch of our much anticipated Fall-Winter ’21 collections! 

  • Just a Thought – Fear
    Most of us are surprised when a family member, a friend or a partner gets sick. It seems like it always catches us off […]
  • The Magic of Tekbika
    Travel like a professional in the new Tekbika Capsule Collection. No matter the reason for your voyage, or the event you […]
  • Our Last Zoom
    Every zoom meeting we have gives me inspiration for the rest of the month. Last Friday we met Jodie from jtouchofstyle […]
  • Just a Thought – Taking a Break
    Yesterday Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram were down for a few good hours. We all finally got the break we needed to […]
  • All That Glam
    2021 brought many things into our lives. The ability to learn how to digitally communicate, appreciate the small things in life […]
  • Getting to know each other
    These past 2 years taught us that we need each other. More than we thought we would. Our community of women have […]
  • Dreaming of Delights
    Alembika’s circle print took a fall twist this season with the new collection, Ethereal Delights.  Combining fall color with dot print? […]
  • This Friday’s Zoom – Jianhui’s Newest Collection!
    There is nothing more inspiring than working with a group of powerhouse ladies who see work as fun and have endless […]
  • Dreaming Big
    Polka dots were in fashion for a while and were recognized with the iconic Marylin Monroe since the ’50s.  Like many […]
  • Community
    For many years I had one concept of what community is for me. As an Israeli, I had this cultural concept that […]
  • Fall Deliveries
    Thank you all for being above and beyond patient with us as we continue navigating shipments and deliveries. We thought that the main […]
  • Celebrating Women 100+ Years Young!
    By Yael Edelist I’m so inspired by the women I meet virtually and otherwise. Recently I shared a Facebook post about […]