• Just a Thought – a year of Zooms
    It is finally December and there is so much to reflect upon—and we want to do it with you! Join us […]
  • Just a Thought – Thankful
    Our default is to see the negative. That is how the mind tends to work, unless you were brought up in […]
  • Store Stories: Chez Renee
    Shop Talk with the ALEMBIKA Community Beyond ALEMBIKA.com, our fashion community spreads across the US with brick-and-mortar stores from east to west. […]
  • Just a Thought – ALEMBIKA Pop Up
    We are ending another year, and an important one. Let’s celebrate it! You’re invited: Thursday, December 9th from 4:00 to 7:00PM, […]
  • Just a Thought – Timeless Punto Pants
    Last week we had a Dayle, known as @Arftfulcitystyle on Instagram, in our NYC showroom to play with some clothes. She shared that […]
  • Not Just For The Holidays
    It’s that time of the year again. Unlike last year, we know that you have a lot of parties to attend, […]
  • Perfect for Fall
    There is no denying the fact that Autumn is already in the air. The color of the leaves yellowing day by […]
  • Just a Thought – Chicken Soup
    There are a few behaviours / beliefs that I have, even though they are superstitious, because they do work! 🙂 Chicken soup does […]
  • Just a Thought – Fear
    Most of us are surprised when a family member, a friend or a partner gets sick. It seems like it always catches us off […]
  • The Magic of Tekbika
    Travel like a professional in the new Tekbika Capsule Collection. No matter the reason for your voyage, or the event you […]
  • Our Last Zoom
    Every zoom meeting we have gives me inspiration for the rest of the month. Last Friday we met Jodie from jtouchofstyle […]
  • Just a Thought – Taking a Break
    Yesterday Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram were down for a few good hours. We all finally got the break we needed to […]