When fashion meets art, we reimagine what inspires us… Alembika has embraced the talents of 12 amazing artists, all women, and we’re thrilled to present this fabulous consortium of artwork as the official launch of our much anticipated Fall-Winter ’21 collections! 

  • Dreaming Big
    Polka dots were in fashion for a while and were recognized with the iconic Marylin Monroe since the ’50s.  Like many […]
  • Community
    For many years I had one concept of what community is for me. As an Israeli, I had this cultural concept that […]
  • Fall Deliveries
    Thank you all for being above and beyond patient with us as we continue navigating shipments and deliveries. We thought that the main […]
  • Celebrating Women 100+ Years Young!
    By Yael Edelist I’m so inspired by the women I meet virtually and otherwise. Recently I shared a Facebook post about […]
  • Just a Thought – Fall Season
    Fall goods are coming in daily. I want to thank you all for your patience. You will start to see your goodies next […]
  • What’s your practice?
    There is this practice I like to try to do but usually fail at.
  • Thank you for joining us for our exclusive Zoom
    Last Friday we all felt elevated beyond words. Our zoom together was a true reflection of the community we have been growing […]
  • Meet the Artist – Deborah Pohl
    Deborah Pohl  is a Hoboken based artist working in the tradition of still life oil painting. Deborah creates contemporary images, seeking […]
  • Meet the Artist – Cindy Kane
    Cindy Kane, born in 1957, has used multi media to explore her lifelong fascination with politics and nature.  Growing up in Washington, D.C., Cindy […]
  • Meet the Artist – Beth Marx
    Beth Marx has been a felt maker for almost 15 years and is still fascinated with the process. Beth can’t remember […]
  • ALEMBIKA FW ’21 – Time to Reimagine
    Fall-Winter 2021 is here, in a never-seen-before collection. This season we are collaborating with 12 artists to bring you a unique art […]
  • Celebrating our fall collection with 12 amazing artists
      By Yael Edelist This coming Friday, August 6th, at 4 PM (ET) something special is happening. 12 established artists are joining […]