American abstract painter, Michelle Marra describes herself as a “spirited colorist” a perfect expression of the high level of emotion, energy, and luminosity she imbues into her paintings.  

Acrylic paint and gestural brushstrokes create an interplay of seriousness and whimsy. Biomorphic forms and lush color relationships in her paintings are grounded in the natural world, evoking images of wildflower gardens and tangled jungle landscapes. Michelle has a clear love for paint along with color and texture.  

Artist Michelle Marra

I see in swaths of color, texture and light. I am inspired by the lyrical movement and biomorphic forms in luscious, impasto paint while creating a joyous, spirited feeling. Oftentimes I start a painting with just a few premises, such as color and mark making, to drive where I am to focus next. This allows for a totally free and intuitive process.

Michelle Marra

I took up my brush in earnest in 2010 while spending more time in Florida. I worked in oils and realism but knew I was missing something. Acrylic and abstract painting allow me to give a visual voice to my inner world. Creating has become an important part of my life and I paint daily.

Michelle Marra

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To view more of Michelle Marra’s work, go to or visit her Instagram @michellemarrastudio

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  1. We were so happy to have heard of Michelle from the webinar. We went up to Mystic, CT and bought one of her paintings. It was wonderful to meet her, as well. Amazing!

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