If you haven’t seen it, watch the documentary Crip Camp. It shows that when you accept yourself, you are powerful and can change the world. The advocates documented in the film who who met as teenagers, and as young adults took over regional offices of  the federal agency, for 43 days, to pressure the agency to issue regulations implementing the first federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability. They were successful, and the regulations were published. Today, I am a civil rights lawyer working at that agency, and we are now updating  those regulations. I am proud and grateful that I have had an opportunity to do this.  

Self-acceptance is a life-long struggle. Clothing cannot make you accept yourself. But great, flattering, clothing helps you present yourself the way you would like to be seen, or at least the best possible version of that.  

Cary LaCheen, #alembikawomen, on disability and acceptance

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