Since completing her studies at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design’s Fashion Department in the late 1980s, Alembika’s head designer has been one of the most prominent fashion designers in Israel, defining local couture through her work, which is known for its soft, flowing fabrics, rich textures and unique color stories—all with an eclectic vibe, reminiscent of Israeli street style. We caught up with Hagar to ask her about what’s next as we transition into the Fall-Winter season. 

What is the very first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the question, “What’s next?”
I had heart surgery a few months ago. I used an imaginary mother bear that envelops me and keeps me safe. It was a great tool to work with my fears and, now, every time I need an emotional support, the bear is there, ready with a hug. I was reminded how brave and strong I can be, as well. 

Is there a specific career goal, creative endeavor or travel plan that you would like to embark upon in the coming months or year?
This coming year is full of learning new things. As a retailer, I am learning about the e-commerce world. We always say, “location location location” in retail, now the location is virtual. It’s a whole new language and business I am excited about. There was so much change in the past 2 years, it would be wonderful to be where I am now, next year, and to do what I love doing; working.

What do you envision yourself doing at this time next year? 
I want to have more time to be a grandma to my 7-year-old grandson. I want to paint. That is my other passion. I want to travel to India to see a different world, smells, people, colors and views. I want to feel all of these different things. I think it’s all possible.

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