The world of AI technology has become my newest challenge and mystery at work and maybe even life.

Another new thing to learn, stay on top of, get familiar with and use.

I fall into laziness when it comes to new high tech inventions. It is when I want to move to a remote island and live on a farm when I am introduced to a new technology.

But it’s here, whether I accept it or not.

And just like the invention of the internet and social media, we may have to learn to integrate it into our lives somehow. AI looks to be dangerous for sure, but perhaps it can also transform and improve our lives too, can I stay curious about it?

I started playing with ChatGPT and in a bizarre way it had an interesting social and intellectual aspect and even joy to it. I ask it about the latest fashion trends or what new tools and software are out there that can help me better perform as a business. I ask about trending places to travel as well as a detailed itinerary. I asked for a Rosh-Hashanah suggested menu for my vegan guests and checked on senior care options for my friend who is searching. Answers it gave me readily and easily. Scary but also fascinating.

What’s your experience of AI? 

Happy Tuesday,

Yael Edelist,
President, Alembika USA

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