I was with the Alembika team in Israel and spent a few days reviewing last season’s conclusions, planning ahead, talking colors and visions, playing with fabrics, and meeting agents and distributors from around the world. Nothing is more satisfying than working with people you love and respect! Seeing so much creativity is inspiring. Working with business people who are strong and kind is precious. And, when I work hard doing what I love, it doesn’t feel like a job.

The Alembika team welcomed everyone in a beautiful hotel on the beach in Tel Aviv, making it a great intro to the vibrant feel of the collections… The warm rusty colors Hagar loves and calls “flames”—and her blues as reflected in the sea and sky of Tel Aviv, where she lives, and where her inspirations come to life in the clothing we love.

I shared all of the photos and emails we get from you with Hagar—your input, feedback and requests are all read! I look forward to showing the Fall-Winter 2022 collections to you next month! See them in person in our NYC showroom for Annual Alembika Day on Saturday August 6th—and in our next Zoom Café on Friday, August 12th. 

Have a great summer,

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