Our guest designer, Ozai N Ku is a family owned brand, based in Athens, Greece. Sofi, her husband, Dimitris and son, Lazaros, run the company. Covid years hurt their business a lot. There was no government support and they had to close most of their 12 retail stores in Greece.

I was always struck by the way this family handled hard times. They keep supporting each other and their employees, they stick together and always bring in humor.

When I visit them, we always start with a big meal by the ocean, eat fresh fish and fresh vegetables with a taste I always crave. We talk about family and life and cheer with a nice Greek wine for the fact that we are all still here. Then we go to the studio and factory and work, work, work.

The sun, optimism, lightness and humor are all integrated into the brand’s designs and DNA.

I hope you all enjoy the newest collection from Ozai N Ku.

Happy Tuesday,
Yael Edelist,
President of Alembika USA

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  1. Love the way you write💕

  2. Love this brand ! Hi Yael ❤️from Atl!

  3. Everyone disagrees. How do you pronounce Alembika? Feel free to write it n Hebrew if that will make it easier

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