I was born in Israel, a very small country about the size of New Jersey. One can cover the whole country from north to south in 6 hours. We have one type of weather and 2 seasons; Summer and a mild Winter. 

One of the many things I was fascinated with when I arrived in the U.S. was the extreme different weather we get here and the size of this country. Flying to California from NYC is the same as flying to Europe. That was just amazing to me. Traveling to warm weather for New Yorkers means going to Florida, SC or California. All inside one country!

It was hard to introduce the Resort wear concept to Hagar, our head designer, when we started to market Alembika for the American market. We do not go on cruises in Israel and we do not “escape” our winters.

Spring was another mystery. Israel only has Summer. And in the Winter, our sweaters are used as coats as it doesn’t get too cold. Hagar designs mostly short sleeves for the Israeli market. 

It took me 2 years to adjust our site to this big country concept. Many of you asked for summer dresses during fall and winter and we didn’t have much to offer. We now do and I am still fascinated by that.

Do you travel inside the U.S. in the winter? Where do you escape to?

Happy Tuesday,

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