Alembika’s circle print took a fall twist this season with the new collection, Ethereal Delights. 

Combining fall color with dot print? Check.

Classy and chic? Check.

Can you mix it with other prints? Check and Check.

The hues of the Ethereal Delights collection give a glimpse of the deep ocean and a midnight sky, with some grey, almost blue, a touch of dark turquoise, and dark brown, creating a mix of beautiful smoke colors. This collection was beautifully curated into a cool, calming group.

We love this collection, not only because it’s perfect for those fall days but because of the staple pieces, such as The Wonderful Dress and The Punto Pants. The chic architectural shaping of the print is flattering on all figures. Simply stunning.

This season, we added the new Ether Jackets in grey and black colors to complete the fall look. They are exclusive quilting, incredibly lightweight, sleek, and smooth—never bulky. Layers perfectly over pants and dresses alike.

Not sure where to start? Check out our stylist recommendations for the best items. We believe they will be sold out faster than you think. 



The Echo Raglan Top
The Ether Kia Coat Jacket, Grey
Whisper Wonderful Dress, Silver
Echo Punto Pants, Smoke
Ether Jana Jacket, Black

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