Petite sizes are not just about making garments smaller; they involve adjusting the entire pattern to ensure that the clothing complements the unique features of a petite frame.

The main difference between petite and regular clothing sizes lies in the proportions and measurements designed to cater to different body types. 

Some key distinctions include:


  • Petite Sizes: Petite clothing is specifically designed for women of shorter stature, usually 5’4″ (162 cm) and under. The proportions of petite clothing are adjusted to fit shorter torsos, arms, and inseams, ensuring a better overall fit for individuals with smaller frames.
  • Regular Sizes: Regular or standard sizes are designed for women with an average height, typically around 5’5″ to 5’7″. These sizes follow the standard proportions and measurements for the average adult woman.


  • Petite Sizes: In petite clothing, lengths are shorter to accommodate shorter legs and arms. This applies to dresses, pants, sleeves, and other components of the garment.
  • Regular Sizes: Regular clothing features standard lengths suitable for women of average height.

Waist Placement

  • Petite Sizes: The waistline in petite clothing is often higher to align with the shorter torso length of petite individuals.
  • Regular Sizes: The waistline in regular clothing is designed for the proportions of women with average torso lengths.

Inseam and Rise

  • Petite Sizes: Inseams of pants and rises in petite sizes are shorter to ensure a proper fit for shorter legs.
  • Regular Sizes: Inseams and rises are tailored for women with average leg lengths.

Sleeve Length

  • Petite Sizes: Sleeves in petite clothing are shorter to fit petite arm lengths.
  • Regular Sizes: Sleeves in regular clothing are designed for the average arm length.

Shoulder Width

  • Petite Sizes: The shoulder width in petite clothing is often narrower to suit the overall smaller frame.
  • Regular Sizes: Regular clothing features standard shoulder widths that align with the average shoulder measurements.

Overall Fit

  • Petite Sizes: The overall fit of petite clothing is tailored to complement the proportions of shorter women, providing a more flattering and well-balanced look.
  • Regular Sizes: Regular clothing is designed for women with average height, providing a fit that suits the typical body proportions of the average adult woman.

It’s essential for individuals to choose clothing sizes based on their body type and height to achieve the most flattering and comfortable fit. Alembika has carefully curated our list of recommended dresses, pants, and tops that cater specifically to the petite frame.

Dresses: Sculpting Silhouettes for Petite Perfection

When it comes to dresses for the petite figure, choosing the right silhouette is key. Opt for designs that elongate the frame and create an illusion of height such as our OZAI N KU KAHUNA DRESS, OCEAN.

A midi-length dress, such as a tailored sheath or an A-line cut, effortlessly complements the petite figure. Look for designs that cinch at the waist to define your silhouette, creating a harmonious balance. You may like Alembika’s NIRVANA A-LINE DRESS, YELLOW.

This season, explore the collection of designer petite size clothing online for a wide array of options that cater to your exquisite taste. Embrace textured winter florals and deep jewel tones for an elegant touch that is both timely and timeless. Check out our ARTEMIS TRAPEZE DRESS, BLACK.

For those seeking a touch of glamour, consider a classic shirt dress. The V-neckline elongates the neck, while the shirt style adds a tailored silhouette. Choose luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet to add a touch of opulence to your winter wardrobe.  You may like our FORTUNA WONDERFUL POCKET DRESS, ROYAL.

Experiment with hemlines, but be cautious not to overwhelm your frame. A well-fitted maxi dress in a winter-friendly fabric like wool or cashmere can be a showstopper when paired with heeled boots. One of our favorites is our ELVIRA COCOON DRESS, BLACK.

Pants: Tailored Precision for Petite Sophistication

Finding the perfect pair of pants for a petite frame often involves a delicate balance between length and tailoring. This season, embrace the chic allure of tailored pants that are designed with the petite woman in mind.

Cropped trousers are a petite woman’s best friend, especially during the transition from winter to early spring. They showcase your ankles, creating the illusion of longer legs. Pair them with ankle boots for a seamless, elongated look. Opt for neutral tones or classic black to maintain an air of sophistication. You may like OZAI N KU CROPPED SLIM PANTS, BLACK or our ​​CROPPED STRETCH COTTON JEANS, WHITE both seen below.

Turn to slim-fit trousers with subtle details like a front crease or a slightly flared leg to enhance the tailored aesthetic. Check out our KICK FLARE CURATOR PANTS, BLACK.

When it comes to denim, opt for a high-waisted, straight-leg cut. This style elongates your legs and provides a polished, streamlined appearance. Dark washes are not only slimming but also versatile, allowing you to seamlessly transition from day to night. You can’t go wrong with our Iconic Stretch Jeans collection in an endless variety of colors and textures. *Please note, you still may need to have the hem tailored a touch but it’ll be worth it!

Tops: Effortless Elegance in Every Stitch

The key to selecting tops for a petite frame lies in proportion and detail. Embrace designs that draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of height. One of our favorites is our CHERRY BLOSSOM TEE, BLUSH.

For winter, indulge in cozy turtlenecks or mock necks that add warmth without compromising style. Look for tops with vertical details like ribbing or subtle patterns that elongate your torso. Paired with tailored pants or a chic skirt, this combination exudes effortless elegance. Our ESSENTIAL ULTIMATE TURTLENECK TOP, BLACK is a great option.

Blouses with a V-neck or sweetheart neckline are flattering choices for petite women. These necklines create a visual focal point and open up the chest area. Opt for tops in bold, solid colors to add a touch of glamour to your ensemble. A beautiful example is our ESSENTIAL V-NECK TOP, ROYAL BLUE.

Embrace your unique frame with confidence, and let your style speak volumes. Make a statement in silhouettes that are tailored to fit and elevate your entire presence. After all, sophistication knows no height.

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    1. When I saw this title, I thought for a second that you might actually offering petite sizes…so disappointing. Petite women already know everything in this blog post. The average height of U.S. women is just under 5’4″. How is it possible that the fashion world only makes clothes to fit half of real women? Do you just not want to sell your clothing to the other half?

    2. Thank you for reading our blog and for sharing your thoughts. We do offer plenty of options for petite women. If you’re up for it, we would love to meet with you and offer you a call with our stylist. Or if you’re in NY you could come in to see us in our showroom. PLease email to set that up!

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