Yael: I can be my 100% true self when I am with my kids.

Fatima: Being a mom is my favorite journey. Watching these pure, innocent souls see the world and others with the same raw purity takes my breath away. They teach and inspire me everyday. I laugh deeper, love harder and live stronger because they exist.

Alin: Being a daughter or a mom is a rewarding yet not always easy challenge. It faces me with myself with not always easy aspects, and forces me to move out of my comfort zone and be better and more refined.

Gennifer: I wished for my kids on a meteor shower. I believe the rarity of seeing one in a city where you can barely see stars at night led to bringing unique and (IMHO) extraordinary humans into this world. I always tell them how lucky I am to be their mom and how loved/wanted they were before they even arrived. 

Taryn: I read somewhere that describing motherhood is like trying to describe a color- which resonated with me. It’s the most beautiful, wonderful experience- also the hardest. I’m fortunate to have the world’s greatest mother (and Babci to my kids!) by my side through it all. 

Lola: My mother was my inspiration before I even knew the definition. 

Kira: My favorite thing about being a woman is knowing that I represent the next generation of incredibly smart, kind, and passionate women in my family.

Happy Mother’s Day from Alembika!


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