When I see beautiful mums reappear, lined up at local storefronts, resplendent in their autumnal colors, I know the shift in weather is soon to follow… And, when I awoke this morning on September 1st, after publishing Alembika’s newest collection and editorial SWEATER WEATHER, there really was a cool, delicious breeze in the air. In fact, as I write with the windows wide open, I’m considering putting one on… 

With the shift in weather comes a shift in energy… As cooler weather settles in and the sun begins to set earlier, we have the opportunity to not only celebrate the coming season and the gifts it brings, but with Thanksgiving around the corner, we can begin to reflect upon what we are most grateful for, easing into the seasonal change by tapping into nature’s pulsations—this brief yet beautiful juncture between Summer and Fall.

This year the Fall Equinox falls on Thursday, September 22nd. During this time, the energy of the season slows down to conserve, beckoning for us to do the same. When nature tells us it’s time to conserve, we are offered the space to do the same with some heart-focused self-reflection—to check in with ourselves and focus on self care.

How am I doing? How do I feel? How’s my head. What is the state of my heart? My joy? What does my body need? What positive things are happening in my life right now?  

It’s common for us to feel a bit unbalanced during a seasonal shift, so taking pause is a must. Fall calls for more grounding… You can start there. Go for a walk. Not a fast one. See if you can slow things down. Even your breath. Feel the sole of each foot touching the ground as you roll from your heels to your mid-foot to your toes.

Need more challenge? Try tree pose. If standing on one foot is not an option, put one hand on a wall and lift one heel at a time. Practice rooting downward with the whole sole of your standing foot. Big toe and pinkie toe sides pressing the earth equally. Inner and outer heel, equally. Breathe… If you sway, sway. Trees do, too. Turn up the corners of your mouth. Breathe more.

Another way to stay grounded during the seasonal shift is to simply sit on the ground and breathe. When possible, outside in nature to truly connect to Mother Earth. Have a seat in a relaxing spot and come back to the questions… How am I doing in my mind and body? Do I feel connected?

Close your eyes. As your seat presses downward, imagine growing deep roots into the earth. Feel a gentle rebound effect as your spine blooms upward… Relax your face and jaw.

Start to tune into your breath. Imagine that wherever you are right now is your very own cradle; a place to rest and reflect, to inhale gratitude, to exhale gratitude… Now keep it going…

—You don’t have to change your breath, just receive it; drink it in and savor it
—Feel yourself settling in and for a few more moments, imagine simply “being breathed”
—Now, as your awareness comes back to the surface, keep your eyes closed and notice how you feel. Notice your energy. Then thank yourself for taking time out to practice self care.

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