Reflecting a strong sense of colour and design and through the use of line and texture, Rina creates paintings that are bold and expressive. 

Whether working in acrylic or mixed media, Rina is always seeking to explore and create new and interesting effects in her art.  An award winning artist, Rina’s work has been shown in both juried and non-juried shows and can be found in corporate and private collections in the United States and Canada. Rina is represented by Canvas Gallery and Petroff Gallery in Toronto. 

Artist Rina Gottesman

My painting ‘Anything Is Possible, is inspired by Alembika’s beautiful new blue and black jacket. To me, a jacket represents a protective layer between ourselves and the outside world both figuratively and literally.The past eighteen months have been challenging in so many ways. Thankfully we are gradually starting to return to our normal lives.

Rina Gottesman

In my painting, I have incorporated the distinctive diamond shapes of the fabric, and have used the rich dark colours of the jacket to represent the cocoon from which we are slowly emerging back into the light.We are relaunching ourselves into life and back into a world of hope where‘ anything is possible’.

Rina Gottesman

Rina Gottesman’s Art Piece was inspired by the Ether Kia Coat Jacket.

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inspired by the Ether Kia Coat Jacket.

To view more of Rina Gottesman work, go to or visit her Instagram @rinagottesman

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