We caught up with Rachella, a featured artist in our Virtual Art Exhibit last year, to get a little scoop before next week’s Alembika Zoom Café, Friday, April 8th @4PM (EST). Rachella will connect with us from Israel to share ideas on how to create beautiful holiday table settings, without stressing out, just in time for Easter and Passover gatherings. Here’s what she shared…

As an artist, where do you seek inspiration during challenging times?
In the present, defined as a challenging period, I find inspiration in an environment very close to me. I take the themes of my works through the huge windows in my apartment, just as it sounds; I step inside into the urban landscape of the buildings, meaning, as if I see what is going on inside the living rooms and then create stories for myself.

Since contributing to our online Art Exhibit last Fall, is there a special theme that shows up in your painting now?
In my latest works there are only women… I can go wild with details painted with thin brushes. And no, I don’t use binoculars… It’s all in my head. In the art exhibit I painted the head of the tiger, as well, which is part of my signature.

Rumor has it you’re writing a book. Can you tell us about it?
Ha, I love rumors. Yes, I’m writing a book as a diary about a head buyer who travels the world, collecting experiences in any field my raging imagination can touch. Two problems:
1. It takes me too long.
2. My family, especially my children, will be surprised. OMG.

As a world-traveled home design buyer, you curated collections of ceramics, textiles and more. How has that informed your work today?
Of my many travels, only memories and a lot of knowledge remain, and they say that knowledge is power, so the ironic side is that when I walk around stores like Pottery Barn, West Elm, etc., I often smile because I recognize the suppliers, the country of production, etc. Unfortunately, there are not many innovations. So, the last few years I enjoy flea markets even more, where at least things are authentic.

You’ll be sharing holiday table setting inspiration in our April 8th Zoom. Can you share a “pro tip” with us here?
I look forward to sharing different styles of table setting ideas with you, from classic or traditional to modern vintage style. But the best tip that I would like to share with you is to arrange a table using what you have at home. There’s no need to stress if you don’t have matching dishes for all diners. Be creative and mix and match! And this is what I will express in the table setting.

Rachella Glezer, Israeli artist

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