2021 brought many things into our lives. The ability to learn how to digitally communicate, appreciate the small things in life such as hugs from a person you love, the outdoors, the indoors, and so much more. It also brought us the willingness to dress up again. To leave the house for a party and put on a nice outfit. 

Alembika’s Fall-Winter 2021 was all about that stuff. The simple thing and appreciation towards things such as nature, or celebration. In addition to our beautiful collections, Alembika brings another collection. Glam.

Glam is a duo of celestial prints from “out of this world” in a small but mighty group that goes after dark with ease. The collection focuses on combining two colors that create this marvelous theme. Do you feel like popping out in the crowd? So do we. 

To help you do so with the right items, we’ve put together some looks that we thought would be appropriate (and most comfortable) for whatever occasion may come.  

 Look 1:

Feel like you don’t want to try too hard, but still look wonderful? This comfortable dress will be great for hosting (or to be hosted) this holiday season! You can match it with a pair of black tights, heels or ankle boots. Have we mentioned it has pockets?

Misto Midi Dress

Look 2:

Don’t want to invest a lot in a total new look? That’s ok, go from glam to cozy with our sweaters! You can pair them with our Galaxy Flow Pants for a glamour look, or layer on top of one of the dresses. 

Look 3: 

Want to feel more festive and in the holiday mood? Here is a great option!

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