Every zoom meeting we have gives me inspiration for the rest of the month.

Last Friday we met Jodie from jtouchofstyle who is a fashion blogger for women over 50. It was her story, the community response, our sharing of experiences that really inspired me. I learn from each of our women on our Zoom calls. 

From Jodie I learned that working with your husband, mother and step mother can be fun. Seeing their relationship opened my heart wide. From everyone else on the call that day I learned and keep learning that style can be mastered and it is never too late to change, reinvent and start anew.  

We want to hear your story. What can we learn from you? 

See you Friday the 22nd,


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  1. Hello Yael ( Chosen Sister )
    Well.. my story is not much different from all of the lovely mature women of the Alembika crowd.
    I just let the “ little girl “ in me always shine through.
    No matter how old I get .. that little girl .. is present.
    And I’m grateful that designers like ALEMBIKA are here for us!

  2. I would love to attend the Zoom events but I am unable due to work restrictions. Will the Zoom events ever be recorded for later viewing? I am so disappointed to miss out on all the creative happenings.

    1. Hi Kate! All of our Zoom meetings are recorded and uploaded to our Alembika Women Facebook group – you are welcome to join!

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