Our default is to see the negative. That is how the mind tends to work, unless you were brought up in a different culture. Our western culture is not trained to always think positively. 

My first thought in the morning is about the mild pain in my left hip and not how lucky I am to simply be alive.So it’s good we have a holiday like Thanksgiving – a day when we are thankful out loud. A day that gives us time to pause and remember all the things we DO have; 

My health,

My work,

My team, 

My family,

My freedom. 

These are so much more than so many people in the world are granted and for that I am always thankful.

What are you thankful for? 

Happy Holiday,


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  1. Yael

    I am grateful for you expressing your thoughts above. I awake in a similar manner with the additional thoughts about how much I dread going into a job that I no longer love. The kids are great most all the time. It’s the peers that I work with that are hurtful. Usually by this time of the year I have more than made peace with my round hole trying so hard to fit in to the square peg of what I do and who I do it with. Perhaps not this year. So what am I going to be grateful for this year? Employment. I am so very blessed to leave a roof over my head. Food to eat. Every day I find beauty around me in the world. And, yes for one more day that I have been given life which is total joy.

  2. Such wonderful comments! Happy Thanksgiving! I have lots for which to be thankful

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