Shop Talk with the ALEMBIKA Community Beyond, our fashion community spreads across the US with brick-and-mortar stores from east to west. Each offers an intimate, personal touch as well as a unique shopping experience. Now, on a bi-weekly basis, we will share “Shop Talk” to highlight businesses that are a part of the ALEMBIKA family. 

Today’s Story: 

Chez Renee 8181 CAMARGO ROAD,  CINCINNATI, OH 45243

Tell us a little about yourself.

Chez Renee is a European women’s clothing boutique established in the fall of 2000 that specializes in catering towards the eclectic urban modern woman. Renee has a distinctive approach when it comes to picking out the most interesting and unique pieces for her store. Her broad sense of style and vast knowledge of the fashion industry is part of what makes Chez Renee’s customer service so special.

Your favorite artist or designer and why

Van Gogh is one of Renee’s favorite artists, but she is also fond of supporting local artists and filling her home with authentic pieces of work.

The one good thing Covid life introduced into your life.

Reflecting on the past year, Covid has taught us to slow down and go with the flow. The importance of appreciating every day and not taking things for granted has proven to be a big lesson for many of us.

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