I am so pleased to introduce you to our new column in Alembika Magazine called THE WELL, where we discuss mental and physical wellbeing, and the many ways in which we nourish ourselves. What I love about listening to other people’s stories is that I can adopt the tips I feel are right for me… We don’t have enough time to experience every practice available to us, but it’s important to explore what resonates best.

For years I practiced sitting meditation but I felt a need to shift my practice, to move my body and find calmness and balance through moving meditation. I found Tai Chi and for the past 3 years, it helps my mind to slow down while I am moving and developing strength and balance.

Sometimes there is stiffness in our practice. We stick to what we are taught, what we know, and don’t always follow our inner voice. But nothing stays the same. We change and our practices change. I try to listen to that change within me and follow it.

Tell us about your practice. How do you stay well?

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Tai Chi looks so relaxing even to watch!

    I took a linedancing class at my local recreation center three years ago and haven’t stopped! Our teacher brings great tunes both oldies from the 60’s and recent pop and jazz songs. At 73 linedancing is good for my heart, soul and body. Oh! And balance!

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