I’m in Italy this week with a meditation group my husband has been sitting with for many years. I only know 2 or 3 people.

Working with a group is always a great chance to work with myself. Thoughts and feelings come up immediately… Do I belong? Can I feel like one of them? Is 10 days too long?

I also notice how I label people by a look or a word they say or a language I am not sure how to read. Those I thought I would not like or wouldn’t like me end up being people I really get along with. It’s almost a rule.

I was able to just notice all those thoughts and leave them alone. I was able to not add anything to them. Remembering that my thoughts and feelings are real but not the reality Is quite a freedom to experience. And, how wonderful it is to travel with a group that shares the same intention. 

Do you know how to work with your thoughts and feelings?

Happy Tuesday,

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