Julie Schap is in her 36th year as a financial advisor and senior Vice President for Morgan Stanley where she solves people’s problems and helps them realize their goals, hopes, and dreams.

What moment in your life made you think, “After that, life was never the same.”

There have been many moments like that for me… Buying a second home in December 2020 on the 14th floor of a 110 year-old building in downtown Memphis (like living in an airplane). Having cataract surgery in July and now 20/20 vision for the first time in my life. Marrying at age 59. Changing companies and moving over 100 clients during the pandemic. The list goes on…

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

I wait for the solution to find me. 

What would you do if you had the whole day to yourself?

I love a balance of plans and no plans. Walking to farmers markets, creating a dinner menu I’ll cook for friends, eating lunch at the bar in a favorite restaurant and having conversations with new people around me. Dropping by my favorite art galleries to see what’s new. 

What is the best thing about being a woman? 

Everything. Turning 75 this year has been my favorite age.

What is the one piece of clothing you cannot live without?

Black leggings with anything Alembika!

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