Every once in a blue moon, when we are completely in love with a line, we feature a guest designer on Alembika.com. Ozai N Ku is one of the designers we are smitten with, so imagine our excitement to present the new collection that has just landed after a one-way flight from Greece.

I had so much fun editing the atmosphere photos for this group—all are shot in Athens and striking. When shopping the COLLECTION PAGE, be sure to roll over the featured images (atmosphere shots meant to evoke a mood) so you can also see alternate views showing the silhouette IRL.

THE COAT. Every closet deserves a basic, everyday coat you’ll wear pretty much anywhere, even to the gym. This is not that coat. THIS coat is the one that turns heads. It is both bold and elegant. And even though you’ll wear it with jeans, a chunky sweater and ankle boots, you’ll also toss it on for every special occasion, when you want your creative vibe to show up to the party. It’s shaped in a subtle cocoon silhouette that has plenty of space for layering. Behold the OZAI N KU HAPPINESS COAT

Ozai N Ku’s model is on a boat in Athens. I imagine she is wearing the perfect little dress under her Happiness Coat, with those amazing boots (that I really, REALLY want). After the photo shoot, she went dancing…

The Happiness Coat from Ozai N Ku

…I wasn’t there. I’m just projecting. I was there in the late eighties when I insisted on climbing Parthenon on a 102-degree day, before breezing through Mykonos, then lounging around a ridiculous Santorini apartment built into the cliffs overlooking a volcano while eating copious amounts of fruit-yogurt-honey and reading Tom Robbins. Years later, island-hopping with Audrey and our tiny rental car, staying in $10-per night pensions, hiking and exploring and getting lost in the mountains and not caring. It was good. But I digress.

THE DRESS (our model may be wearing beneath her amazing Happiness Coat). Ozai’s CHIC SHIFT DRESS is an effortless pullover rendered in an abstract “curves” pattern, in a cute shape that caresses yours with nothing but comfort. The easy-going, knee-skimming design has a chic funnel neck and pucker-textured solid black insets at the sleeves. And, it’s a boot-loving style! I love that so much. In fact, it looks like our model changed from her chunky white boots to the sleek black ones, above, before she went dancing.

Chic Shift Dress from Ozai N Ku

THE JACKET. Ozai’s color-drenched, pure cotton bouclé knit topper lets the golden hour shine all day in an autumnal hue you’ll wear solo or layered. The short and sweet silhouette features a two-way convertible collar to wear buttoned up in a draped funnel-neck style or folded over as a wide spread collar (shown here). The 2-WAY BOUCLE CROP JACKET is soft, cozy, and unlined for freedom of movement.

There are so many pieces in Ozai’s NEW ARRIVALS that would look amazing under this little jacket—particularly any one of the three “Whisper” tops, named for their light, ultra-soft hand and sunny golden hue—a great Fall color with a very cool motif.

The jacket would also rock with the BEAUTIFUL WIDE-LEG TROUSERS I can’t stop thinking about, in what I keep calling “liquid denim” for their silky hand feel and the way they flow—they have a wide leg and they’re finished with contrast topstitching. See for yourself… When your pants arrive, your first thought may be, “I’ve never felt denim like this.”

2-Way Bouclé Crop Jacket from Ozai N Ku
Ozai N Ku’s Whisper Top, Whisper Dolman Top & Whisper Oversized Boxy Top

Without further ado, SHOP THE NEW COLLECTION from our guest from Greece, Ozai N Ku!

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