I have one bag. The same one bag for the last 10 years. I wear it to work every day, I travel with it (it has visited many countries with me), I wear it for weddings, business trips, protesting, black tie events or a casual brunch. It is so comfortable, it’s always on me. 

It has everything one wants from a bag; It’s very handsome, it is not heavy, it sits in the front so I do not have to reach back to find my key, credit card, book, or wallet. It has the right amount of zippers.  It is always there. 

So I asked Hagar (our head designer) to make a few so we can share with you. Hagar came back with a full collection. Abundance of bags and colors.

What’s your perfect bag? Learn your style and how to find the perfect bag for you.

Happy Tuesday.
President, Alembika USA

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