A word from Hagar Alembik

The Alembika Collection Spring-Summer 2021

“While designing the summer collection I felt that the difficulty we were all experiencing had to be temporary. All I needed to do was believe that good things were on the way.

The collection that emerged was bursting with color and joy, proclaiming hope, optimism and the wish for new growth”.

Hagar Alembik,  ALEMBIKA Head Designer

Color Blocking:

This burst of color comes to life in linen dresses, masculine shirts, tunics and trousers
in purple, fuchsia, red and bright green, all in color block technique. There are also items bedecked with fantasy, flowers made up in airy viscose, and dresses made of jersey with abstract prints flaunting the same bright color theme.

The Combinations:

The combinations that Hagar Alembik is so well known for come to life In a series of clothes which are light but elegant, made up of flowing materials printed with flowers and splashes of color in Raphaelite color, with a touch of art nouveau, conjuring up the sense of old and rare tapestries. The cream hued pieces that connect everything together hint at an ancient and nostalgic world.

The collection comprises a combination of Alembika’s traditional, well known and loved styles with new and surprising designs.
Alongside the fascinating color themes, one can also find the black and white series, one of Alembika’s signature looks. There is an abundance of woven fabric, silk, chiffon, jersey, cotton and linen – all in black, sometimes with a touch of white evident in floral prints, stripes and dots, in a variety of designs, styles, looks.


Never tiring of jeans, which always have a place front stage, we present a limited collection in various colors combined with motifs taken from different materials and textures.


The all in black Urban Collection expresses the tempo of the city. Manufactured out of natural cotton, we also present chic dresses in high quality white cotton printed with black swirls looking as if a rough stroke of a paintbrush has decorated them.


A comfortable wearable collection manufactured from novel technological fabrics or Lycra. These fabrics are quick drying, don’t crease and offer protection from the sun SPF 50+. These basic black and white items travel well and are just what you need to pack in your suitcase.

As designer Hagar Alembik says –

“There are always pieces that you keep for years in your cupboard and complement with new additions every season. Every collection has these two elements. Fashion that tests the
boundaries, breaks taboos but still looks great together with traditional styles. Liberal fashion allows for freedom of movement and creativity.”

ALEMBIKA has 16 stores in Israel from Haifa in the North to Eilat in the South – the flagship store is at 87 Ibn Gvirol Str in Tel Aviv.

Alembika is also the sole importer and distributor of the unique footwear brand United Nude designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaus.

The entire collection is also available on our online site with exciting new additions every week.

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