Here’s a closer look at the inspiration behind the collections in our Fall Edit from ALEMBIKA… Just click the links to see the whole she-bang!

Bubbles Print Blue Dress for Women.

SUBLIME BUBBLES. Each effervescent piece is imbued with movement and meticulously cut for dreamy comfort. Hagar took vibrant jewel tones in emerald and sapphire, calming and earthy olive hues, and a playful multicolor palette—then infused these colors into three distinctive looks within one eye-catching collection! BUBBLE UP

Festive Looks Vibrant Colors Dress for Women.

FESTIVE LOOKS. Social distancing doesn’t mean sacrificing fashion! Whether your special event or holiday observance is outdoors or on Zoom, celebrate in vibrant colors and silhouettes that make you look and feel fantastic. We curated them for you: Four new Wonderful Dresses, a handful of swing silhouettes, chic shifts with edgy detail and more. DRESS UP

The Gilded lily Dress for Women.
THE GILDED LILY. This small yet stunning collection delivers a dose of jean therapy with golden blooms that elevate denim to dazzling effect! For daytime and evening, it’s both comfy and elegant. We’ve added a few pieces to up the versatility quotient. Go ahead. GET YOUR GOLD ON
Animal Print Dress For women- Alembika
BRICK & SEPIA. Hagar’s exclusive prints flaunt deep colors in chic shapes to mix and mingle flawlessly—and if you look closely, you’ll see animal-inspired patterns that saunter rather than roar. The beautiful hues are all about Fall and the pieces are ready to go wherever you do, whether it’s socially distant or in your safe pod. MIX & MINGLE
Hagar Prism Print Dress For women
TEKBIKA athleisure designs put you in the comfort zone. Hagar’s cool prism print enlivens luxe silhouettes—tops, dresses, pants and jackets—that wash well, pack well, and always look perfect. (We love that.) They’re infused with built-in sun protection, too. Now that’s what we call performance! MAKE A MOVE
The New TIE-DYE  Dress For women
THE NEW TIE-DYE. Not your sixties tie-dye! You’ll love living in these beautiful, deliciously soft jersey knits—elevated with a modern vibe. The pattern is created using the ice technique, which plays color against black for a more refined feel. Dress it up or play it down—either way, it’s as easy as PJs. Get ready to chillax. TIE ONE ON
Black & White Dot Print Dress For women
BLACK & WHITE. What’s black and white and sometimes red? High-contrast style packs a wardrobe punch, adding only good vibes to your everyday repertoire. This boldly rendered collection flaunts crisp solids and lots of dots with undeniable dash. And, every piece plays well with the others. GO FOR BOLD

Stretch Jeans Dress For women

STRETCH JEANS. Hagar’s addictive jeans have a cult following for good reason—they look gorgeous and fit like a dream. This season, her iconic drawstring style flaunts new hues, finishes and sexy snake prints. Admittedly, it’s hard to choose a favorite. JEAN THERAPY

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