Yesterday was the first night of Passover. My heart is with my family and friends in Israel who are going into this holiday with heavy hearts.

Trying to learn from our ancestors who went through years of war and hardships, how to keep up the spirits and faith that we may have a chance for a better world. A world built on freedom and peace. The suffering is so large across all, I find that the words don’t always come out.

May we all be resilient in difficult times and learn how to hold each other, comfort and keep believing in a better future. 

Happy Tuesday,


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  1. Jacqueline Levine

    Are you feeling safe enough in NY in an “Israeli designer” shop? I worry for you and my granddaughter and friends there and everywhere. ❤️

  2. My heart and prayers are with you. In my 62 years I have never been so scared for the Jewish people in America and their homeland. My heart breaks for the ignorance of the young. Peace be with you.

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