I was avoiding wishing people a happy new year this past month as I found it quite an empty welcoming for this coming year. I do not want to wish for world peace as I do not see it coming soon and I do not like to wish for something I don’t believe will happen, just as I do not like to sign “love” at the end of an email if I don’t feel the love.

It felt sad not to feel any wish to celebrate either.

My daughter told me about her gathering with friends and that they played an “ins and outs” game which meant they each had to say what they are letting go of (out) this coming year and what they are letting in. I liked that. It helped me look into 2024 with a positive and active outlook:

This coming year I wish to let go of any insecurity and self doubt and let in self awareness and responsibility for my own actions.

This past year, we were all very busy accusing other people for all kinds of actions they were doing. I wish for me, this year, to only look at my own actions and notice where I am biased, racist or just not aware of my own behavior and language. 

May we all look at our own shit before judging others.

Happy Tuesday,


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  1. Thank you for your thoughts.

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