Who says, “size doesn’t matter?” In the world of fashion, it most certainly does! Discovering styles you’d like to wear is only half the battle. Selecting outfits that compliment your unique measurements is something we take very seriously. 

We want you to look beautiful in our clothing but, more importantly, we want you to feel beautiful too.

To assist you, we’re sharing answers to some of the most common sizing questions we receive plus a guide on how to choose complimentary styles for your body shape. We hope this makes shopping at Alembika USA even more enjoyable.

How is Alembika USA’s sizing different from standard sizing charts?

We believe what makes Alembika unique is that our sizing is a little more fluid. In other words, it’s not rigid and our clothing can fit a range of sizes and accommodate various body shapes.

For example:

  • Alembika size 6 is equivalent to a full US size 16.
  • Alembika size 7 can be either a US size 16/18 or 18/20, depending on the type of fabric and cut.
  • Alembika size 8 corresponds to a US size 20/22.

Remember that a size 6 in one style might fit differently from a size 6 in another, so be sure to check the specific product’s size chart or contact our customer service to ask if you’d like extra assurance.

All Alembika products have a size chart to click with detailed measurements for extra support. Here is an example for the Iconic Jeans Desires in Black:

Understanding your own body shape and measurements can help you choose the right size regardless of the brand. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

Flattering Styles for Pear Shape:

A-Line Dresses and Skirts: This style balances the pear shape by accentuating the waist and providing a more proportionate silhouette. An example is our ESSENTIAL A LINE DRESS, BLACK

Bootcut or Wide-Leg Pants: They help to minimize the appearance of wider hips and thighs, creating a more balanced look. An example is our DYNAMITE DAYS DYNAMO PANTS, CHARTREUSE

Flattering Styles for Apple Shape:

Empire Waist Dresses and Tops: These help create the illusion of a smaller waist while accommodating a larger midsection by flowing over the stomach and creating a flattering drape. An example is our EQUINOX COCOON DRESS, GOLD

V-Neck Tops and Dresses: These draw attention upward, making the upper body appear longer and slimmer. This can help balance the proportions for apple-shaped individuals by creating a more elongated and flattering look. An example is our ESSENTIAL V-NECK TOP, BLACK

Flattering Styles for Hourglass Shape:

Wrap Dresses and Shirt Dresses: They flatter the curves by highlighting the narrow waist and balancing the bust and hips. An example is our CYBER SHIRT DRESS, BRUSH

Pencil Jacket: These tops accentuate the natural curves while maintaining a defined waist. They’re a classic choice for showcasing the hourglass figure. An example is our Savvy Pencil Jacket in Black.

Can you provide guidance on best dress lengths for petite, regular, and tall women?

To find your perfect size for dresses with different lengths, we recommend checking Alembika’s detailed size chart provided on our website. This chart includes information on the length of each garment, helping you choose the right size for your height and preferences. 

A maxi dress is longer and typically designed to have a long hemline that falls to the ankles or even sweeps the floor. If you are average or taller, this dress should be fine. Petite individuals may find that maxi dresses are too long for their height. An example is our Sunset Strip Maxi Dress, Magenta.

A midi dress typically has a hemline that falls around mid-calf length. The exact length can vary depending on the specific design and the wearer’s height. An example is our Ozai N Ku Fanzine Midi Dress in Paprika.

How do fabric choices (stretchy vs. non-stretchy) affect the sizing recommendations for pants and tops?

The fabric choice plays a crucial role in sizing recommendations:

  • Stretchy fabrics like knits and jersey are forgiving and accommodate a wider range of sizes. You can typically stick to your regular size when selecting items made from these materials. Stretch fabrics may include Acrylic, Cotton, Elastane, Jersey-Knit and Polyamide. 
  • For woven fabrics, which are less forgiving, consider sizing up for a better fit. No stretch fabrics may include 100% Cotton and Wool.

What advice can you offer to women with broader shoulders and bust lines when choosing tops and dresses?

When selecting tops and dresses, consider the style and fabric content:

Look for styles that are designed with stretch, such as jersey knit or viscose, as they will provide more flexibility. An example is our Urban Wine Bar Popover Maxi Dress.

If the garment is made from woven fabric, you may want to go up a size to ensure a comfortable fit around the shoulders and bust. An example is our In My Element Wonderful Dress in Forest or River.

Are there any styles you’d suggest for someone who just had an injury or surgery and is seeking loose clothing that is easy to get on (no buttons, zippers, tight, etc)?

For those seeking comfortable and easy-to-wear clothing after an injury or surgery, Alembika offers several options:

Easy pull-on pants that eliminate the need for buttons or zippers. Such as our Essential Toned Up Punto Pants in Honey, Fog and Brown.

No-fuss cardigans that can be left open for convenience. Such as our Ozai N Ku Camo Fleur Buttonless Cardigan.

Oversized dresses that provide comfort and ease of movement. Such as our Donna Effortless Dress in Mono

Consider shopping for our most popular silhouettes. These fan-favorites consistently get rave reviews and are a great way to explore the Alembika USA styles and collections. They include our:

Finally, if you find yourself in between two sizes, we generally recommend sizing down for a better fit. Our clothing is designed to be loose and flowing, and many customers discover that they prefer a slightly smaller size.

For more information and to explore our unique collection, please visit Alembika’s official website. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect Alembika pieces that not only make you look fabulous but feel comfortable too. Happy shopping!

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