Before I knew our award-winning head designer Hagar Alembik, I didn’t think there was much one can do with dots and stripes, I mean, how many dots and stripes can one designer invent? 

Well! Hagar introduced me to her world of dots and stripes. When you think you have seen it all, Hagar comes back with a fresh new approach! A whole new way of seeing the world through her dots and stripes! 

A customer asked me this past month if we are bringing some dots back. I was joking and said, “don’t we need a break from it?” She seriously replied, “don’t ever stop making dots.” Her wish will come true with this week’s new collection premiere this Thursday.

Do you have a dot or a stripe in your closet?

Happy Tuesday,


Read more about Hagar Alembik’s recent award and her personal journey to create fun and fabulous fashion.

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