One of the best medicines for feeling better is to give to others. 

There is not much we can do to solve the world conflict right now, and watching the news only gives a sickening feeling that I find myself ignoring and blocking away. The question of how this can happen and how we don’t all come together to stop a world war is beyond one person to solve or comprehend. 

Giving helps. There are so many charities but it’s hard to know who is reliable. Below are 4 wonderful organizations that are fully vetted.
It does feel good to give.

Happy Tuesday,


WCK – World Central Kitchen: #ChefsForUkraine are serving meals across Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova & Hungary. 

This vetted charity has been given a 5-star review.

Welcome Home is a NJ-based organization that places refugees.

This Jewish organization buses refugees from Kyiv to the border.

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