It’s that time of the year where we see many graduate students in the
streets. It makes me think about the many graduations we go through in
life. School graduation is only the beginning of so many transitions and

Leaving home was one big graduation, transitioning into young adulthood.
I remember graduating my younger self at around age 40 (late bloomer)
when I suddenly felt grown up, not needing my friends’ or family’s approval
which I relied on so much earlier in my life.

Graduating my role as mother as my young kids grew into capable adults
going through their life journeys on their own. I recognized the desire and
need to transition into a different kind of parent role where I am more of a
watcher and less of a decision maker.

We have many graduations in our lives that are worth noticing and
celebrating. I want to make sure I recognize them, put the cape on and
cheer for myself when I am doing it successfully. I also want to learn from the places where I made mistakes and honor the teaching moments they
gifted me.

One of the beautiful things about getting older is that we become women of
certainty. Not women of a certain age. Graduating from uncertainty is a
very fulfilling and best transition to feel. I am Ok with owning what I know.

What are your most meaningful graduations and how has that made you a
woman of certainty?

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  1. Very well said! I love reading your essays. Graduations like transitions are all part of life. Some are easier than others. By the way, I was a late bloomer too!

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