Since October 7th, when the war broke out in Israel, this question of where home is keeps coming up for me. I have lived in NY for 31 years and have been seeing it as my home and my kids’ home. I even bought my grave site in NY as the plan was, and maybe still, is to die here. 

Going back to my Israeli home 2 weeks ago to visit my family had an overwhelming effect on me. It was the first time in 20 years that I felt like staying there and a strong feeling of belonging. It was very hard to leave.

It is quite emotional to see how an existential crisis makes one feel. Everything I thought I knew and felt was shaken. 
Home for me is where I feel complete inside and where my kids are. 

Is it possible to feel so connected to a place that your heart aches and physical safety is no longer a question?
Do you know where your home is?

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Yael, your words about your recent trip to Israel and how you felt there were very meaningful and moving. I also feel like I have a foot in two countries, along with my heart.

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