My good friend told me her daughter announced she was getting married… And was not planning to have kids. She said she never wanted to have them. My friend took it hard. It made her wonder what she did wrong that her daughter would choose to not become a parent… She worried it was a reflection of her as a mother. 

What is it about our kids’ behaviors or decisions that become ours or seem to identify us? Can we see our children as separate human beings with separate identities?

I like to remember that I brought my children into this world, but they are not me and I am not them. I hope they feel the same. Can you see your kids as separate from you? Can you see them just as they are?

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. As a devoted mother I have found that “never” frequently shifts conceptually over time with my daughters. Still, if things DON’T change, it’s good to acknowledge the loss to you. But ultimately, if we intended to raise independent young women it’s good to accept their choices.

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