Sometimes our team gets into trouble when we communicate by text but, when there are only so many hours in a day, how can we avoid “speaking” via text, Slack or Whatsapp groups?  

We don’t always sound right over text; we don’t always realize our tone, yet we are no longer able to fix the impression that was made. Even when it is not our intention, we may sound demanding, overbearing or accusatory; it just comes across that way. We all bring our old habits to work with us—it’s human nature—ancient behaviors that are rooted in us. Our automated responses. 

I know that for me, it is very easy to hear criticism. That is my habit. If I am not careful to pause, to take a moment before reacting, messages may sound critical and even bring up resentment in me. But I know that if I pause and remember my own ancient patterns, my response will be the right one, not the one led by my habits.  

Was it done?
Who changed the password?
Why can’t I access that Google drive? 

What do you hear when you see these types of messages? What’s your automated response? Can you pause? 

Happy Tuesday!

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