My husband and I just purchased two burial plots. What an interesting activity… So many thoughts and feelings came up that I wasn’t anticipating. I always imagined myself buried in Israel but my home is New York, my children live in the US, and I want it to be as easy as possible for them.

In Israel, the dead are wrapped in a white sheet and buried directly in the ground. That is how I imagined myself buried. Well, in New York state this is considered a “green burial” and the cemetary we went to doesn’t offer it. So I will be buried in New York in a casket! I settled on a simple wood casket so at least I know that, one day, it will decompose and mix with the earth.

Then we received a letter from the Rabbi informing us that the plots he thought were available were actually taken. He has two other spots on row W on the aisle or in the middle. Now what do we do?! Should we take the aisle or the middle of the row? Reading the letter, the Rabbi was so serious, yet I was laughing so hard. What do you think? Aisle or in the middle? Are you planning ahead? 

Join me this Friday, November 4th, for an open, vulnerable, important discussion with Robin Sorkin, who works with hospice patients, about end of life questions and actions we can take now.

Happy Tuesday,

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