I went to visit my friend in DC this weekend. She’s a doctor at Georgetown University, a teacher, a women’s advocate, and a writer. I admire and look up to her. Sometimes, I also get intimidated by her. I feel she does important things that can change the world… and what do I do?
We took a walk and she told me about an interview she was having the following weekend and how she felt a bit anxious about it. She said she wasn’t sure what to wear. We spoke about the nature of the interview and the woman she was meeting. She specifically mentioned the woman’s taste in clothes and how she felt she couldn’t match it. We talked about style and what made her feel good and came up with the perfect outfit for her—one in which she felt empowered, safe, and ready.
She reminded me why I do what I do. I’m in this business because I want women like my friend to realize their power. We are already empowered. We are wise, we have lots of life experience, we’ve lived through hard times, we know vulnerability is strength. We just don’t always remember, especially in times of uncertainty. 
I helped my friend find the jacket that reminded her of her power. That right outfit that makes it so much easier to say “I don’t know what’s going to happen in that room, but I feel great!” What’s one interview against everything we’ve been through? We know the strength of our vulnerability and are eager to try new things. If this doesn’t work out, I’ll still have my power. And that’s a whole lot. I just want to make sure we remember that so we can be comfortable with ourselves in an interview—or wherever we go. That’s my why. What is your Why?
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