I spent the weekend with my kids. My son lives in DC and my daughter in Chicago, where we met. Travel is weird these days, but longing for normality and missing my kids were stronger than fear.

The airport was empty and I was happy to board a half-full plane. Nobody sat next to me. It felt safe and clean. I realized my fear was more about our economy than Covid.

It was also my first weekend shopping. I was sad to see so many stores still closed, but delighted to visit and support the ones that were open. It felt so good to try on clothes and feel playful, with our masks on at all times. Every store offered a safe experience.

We can do it! Masks, distancing and washing hands are our new normal and it’s okay! Our emotional and mental states are as important as physical health. We have to learn to live with Covid AND stay in touch with life! It’s possible to do it safely. I’m recharged!

Happy Week!

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