This past weekend, as an engagement gift, I treated my son and his fiance to a “5-star” hotel stay in Washington, DC. I was so excited for them to have a perfect, pampered weekend. Saturday check-in was slow but went well enough… The room was beautiful, with a nice balcony facing the water, but there was an ashtray full of leftover cigarettes on the table.

For their rooftop Tapas dinner, the restaurant only had one server, who was frazzled, and they were unable to accommodate the cocktail menu due to a lack of alcohol (and this young couple doesn’t drink fancy drinks). 

The next morning, the front desk didn’t know when breakfast began or ended, and the breakfast host was nowhere to be found. It was a beautiful weekend overall and they were so thankful, but when I heard about their experience, I was left a bit frustrated… I wondered about our new world and how businesses of all kinds are suffering from a lack of help, and good help.

Airlines cancel flights due to understaffing, restaurants don’t have servers, childcare is hard to find, factories struggle, and everyone wants to work from home. It will take a while to study this new reality and adjust accordingly! We all have to look into our businesses and prioritize. What’s more important? Quality or quantity? How does this new world affect your business, daily life, and travel, too?

Happy Tuesday,

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