We met some daring women last week in the year’s first Alembika Zoom Café. If you missed it, you can catch up on their stories on our blog—and see the Zoom video on our Private Facebook group. We were fortunate to host Hagar, our head designer, who shared her inspiration for the new SS23 collections. 

Daring comes in many ways and shapes! We dare physically and emotionally. As I get older, doing physically daring things is shrinking as I get more fearful. I am so inspired by all of you who take risks, jumping from airplanes, climbing mountains and ice, and diving in deep waters. Even though I do not participate in such activities, seeing and learning about you doing so, inspires me to push my boundaries.

I do feel that being daring emotionally widens as I get older. I am less afraid to speak up and voice my opinion, as well as be more vulnerable and love with an open heart. What is daring for you? Will you dare to love tonight—to love yourself or someone else? 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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