Our most popular collection is back, with a fresh addition to what you already love! The Spring Tekbika collection was monochromatic black and white and all about traveling—how to pack fast for your weekend getaway. Now that traveling limitations have been lifted (or at least most of them), not only do we feel the need to wear something with a touch of color, we can finally plan where and when to go, but what we will wear when we arrive!

No matter the reason you’re traveling or the event you will attend, our Summer Tekbika designs are everything you desire and more. These Tekbika athleisure designs are cut from our exclusive, luxe techno fabric with built-in UPF 50+ for UV sun protection! Our favorite part about Summer Tekbika is the extra pop of classic navy and fresh green, plus high-contrast patterns that make each design eye-catching. 

Discover the modern-classic Tekbika you love, with a great combination of prints from previous collections such as plaid and stripes. In fact, some of our items sold out so quickly that Hagar had to add more to the line-up! Check our must-have silhouettes, such as the Swing Dress and the Heart Tee, with a fresh summer outlook. 

Like other Alembika lines, Tekbika sizes are available in PLUS size XL or up to size 8. However, due to their unique design, our stylist recommends sizing up when purchase Tekbika pants.


Tekbika Perfect Top, Navy

Tekbika All-Stripe Flow Pants

Tekbika Kia Swing Dress 

Tekbika Asymmetry Top

Tekbika Asymmetry Top

Tekbika Perfect Top

Tekbika Perfect Top

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