There has never been anyone exactly like you in the history of the world. Which is why you don’t dress like everyone else.

For you, fashion is more than scanning Elle and spotting trends. For you, fashion is about setting them. Powerful women have always known that fashion is about self-expression, showing people who you are. Fashion is about self-esteem and glorying in your love of your accomplished, radiant persona. And powerful women have always known that fashion lets people know exactly how they expect to be treated. Fashion does the talking for you in that split-second moment when you first meet that important someone and it speaks volumes. It speaks your uniqueness. 

But we have our less confident moments. Turn to your closet now. There is that one outfit, that so-so look. It doesn’t do anything for you; you don’t even really like it that much anymore; wearing it doesn’t make you feel happy or confident. You wear it—why? It’s force of habit; it passes muster at meetings and appointments and dinners, but when you look at yourself in the mirror, you cringe a little. It’s ordinary, stale, and it says nothing about you.

Take that outfit out of your closet now and sell it, donate it, throw it away, burn it, but get it out of your life. Because life is too precious to waste on mediocrity.  “Yes” to the romantic, dramatic blouse; “yes” to the perfectly styled pant; “yes” to crimson scarves and big bold necklaces and a coat that swings like you do. Do fashion, never be done by it, and never, ever be done with it. Command with it, play with it, sell with it, entrance with it. You are unique: let every bit of clothing make you and everyone else know it.