New year, new you? No! You are wonderful just as you are. But we do have a beautiful collection of activewear—made from organic and recycled cottons with just a touch of stretch—and designed to comfort you no matter what “active” means to you… Going for a walk or jog? Check. Heading to the yoga studio? Check. Tai Chi in the park, hike in the woods, stroll to the market, meet the gals for lunch? I think you get the picture.

What does Anjaly mean? Anjaly is a Sanskrit word meaning “divine offering.” When we fold our hands together at the heart—the common hand gesture and greeting between Hindus, Buddhists and other religions—it is translated as, the divine spirit in me honors the divine spirit in you. Or simply, the light in me bows to the light in you.

Divine indeed! The ALEMBIKA ANJALY CAPSULE was created for divine comfort and a chic look, so that no matter where your active life takes you, you’ll never look shlumpy. In fact, these pieces will take you from barre class to brunch and you’ll look as fresh as can be. NOTE ABOUT FIT: Anjaly designs have a different sizing breakdown than other Alembika clothing. Please see the sizing bullet points on each product detail page.

Model, Rachel, in tree pose, a great way to practice and maintain balance in the New Year!
California girl and yoga teacher, Jenna, in Hanumanasana @UrbanSoulsHoboken

EDITOR’S PICKS: The pieces I took home are the INHALE HOODED HI-LO TOP and EXHALE JOGGER PANTS, above and below. I have them in Stone Tie-Dye, shown here on Rachel. Jenna is wearing the Forest Tie-Dye. There is also Solid Black, of course. I get compliments every time I wear these these pieces, which is typically as separates, with a solid top or bottom (that’s just my style). Jenna adored the duo and wearing them together!

Both are rendered in super-soft organic cotton with a touch of stretch for fit and flow. I love the breezy, deep side slits on the top, which keep me cool. Tossed over a tank top or worn solo, it’s a generously sized yet perfectly draped layer with roomy front pockets and an always-flattering hi-lo hem.

The jogger pants are actually beautifully tailored! They are not your average joggers. These have a comfy waistband that’s smooth in front with stretch back for ease. Tiny front pleats look neat and offer a relaxed fit. The finish—little cuffs at the hem. So cute. We did a little photo shoot and everyone in the studio loved these pants.

@UrbanSoulsHoboken teacher, Sam, is petite and loved the Exhale Joggers in a Small, which sat higher on the waist, great with her crop top.
Model, Nitzan, is taking the tie-dye duo for a stroll… Note the roomy hood and side pockets on the pants. She’s wearing Medium in both pieces.

In our main image at the top of the blog, is Urban Souls yoga teacher Allie in goddess pose… Wow. What a beautiful asana (posture)! Allie is wearing our Chi separates: CHI CONTOUR TANK TOP and CHI CONTOUR LEGGINGS. The CHI CONTOUR HOODED ZIP JACKET completes the look. Like its matching counterparts, you’ll love sporting this warm-up jacket everywhere the path may lead… Luxuriously soft organic cotton with a touch of stretch makes it super comfortable—and chic, in black with shades of grey. Allie is a slender 5’8″ and wearing the all three pieces in Medium. She liked the fit and said it is not skin-tight like most crop tops and leggings. The leggings are looser from the knee down, for more breathing room, flexibility and coolness.

In Urban Souls’ amazing windows, Allie is practicing Triangle or Trikonasana, a heart and hip opener that strengthens legs and back.
Here, Allie is pausing to breathe in a yogi’s squat, Malasana, which strengthens feet, ankles, and legs, and creates space in the spine.

I’ll leave it there as it’s a small capsule and you should just dive in! Have fun wearing comfy, stylish leisure wear and finding beautiful balance in the New Year!

Shout out to Heather Freer for her fab photography, and Karen Flannery and Brendan Gibbons, owners/founders of Urban Souls Yoga and Meditation studio in Hoboken, NJ, for their generosity and beautiful space, and for allowing me to capture this great capsule collection during their video shoot!

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