Presenting ALEMBIKA’S FIRST JEWELRY COLLECTION, available now in a limited series of handmade pieces. This stunning group of resin designs are crafted using a creative process that renders each unique… And all just gorgeous!

We asked our counterparts in Israel for some background on the creation of this new and exclusive jewelry…

“We are excited and proud to present our very first collection of jewelry inspired by Art Deco, Venetian Murano glass, and many aspects of nature. The COLLECTION is exclusive to Alembika and available in a very limited edition. We hope that you, too, will feel the magic of these beautiful designs!

Resin is a wonderfully versatile material that lends itself to the designer’s imagination, taking on color, form and texture, appearing like shiny polished glass, an ocean pearl, lava from a volcano, or pebbles in a stream.”

Here, Katya is wearing the TAHITI BIRD BEAD NECKLACE, which is strung with black oval beads that are inspired by smooth river rocks. The bird flaunts beautiful colors and is created by three separate beads that fit together like puzzle pieces and have an intriguing, subtle translucence to the colors.

Another lovely quality of resin is that it can be combined with other materials such as the application of slivers of gold leaf, as you see in the GLORY FACETED BEAD NECKLACE & GLORY FACETED CLIP EARRINGS. Each piece is handmade in a meticulous and multi-phased process rendering it slightly different from all of the others. The made-to-match Glory duo shown on Katya has a reflective surface that looks different from all angles as it catches the light of your environment.

Another amazing piece we adore is the DRAGON INLAY BANGLE BRACELET, which features a mystical dragon that is hand-painted with gold leaf and encased in translucent resin (see very top image on this page). It’s a knockout and destined for compliments—and great stacked with other bangles in the collection, or your own!

EDITOR’S PICK: BEAD-NECKLACE EYEWEAR HOLDER in Grey Mist. I don’t know about you, but I misplace my eye glasses a lot… I leave them in the car, by my bed, on my desk… They are all too often not where I need them. Alembika to the rescue! The solution is this beautiful strand of marble-inspired polished beads in shades of grey that blend with everything. The beads can be worn in front or in back, and you will never again be left in the dark without your second set of eyes!

And, what I love most about this unique necklace, is that my favorite bangles in the collection look amazing styled with it… The TIGER INLAY BANGLE, SILVER BANGLE and CLARITY BANGLE. Take a look!

Shop the new jewelry collection now—and don’t forget the ladies in your life who have birthdays coming up… Hint, hint. There are many more necklaces, earrings and bracelets to fall in love with. Have fun accessorizing!

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