Based in Athens, Greece, the team at Ozai N Ku understands summer colors, lightweight fabrics, and fun silhouettes. Their expertise in creating vibrant and comfortable clothing makes them a perfect fit for Alembika’s innovative spirit.

Yael Edelist, President of Alembika USA, shares her thoughts on this long standing partnership:

“It’s been an honor and pleasure working together for over 6 years. Supporting each other in our respective highs and lows. Our business always brings surprises and I am careful about how I choose my partners.”

Ozai N Ku, a family-owned brand based in Athens, is managed by Sofi, her husband Dimitris, and their son Lazaros. The COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted their business, forcing them to close most of their 12 retail stores in Greece due to the lack of government support.

Despite these challenges, Yael was always impressed by how this family faced adversity. They consistently supported each other and their employees, maintaining a spirit of unity and humor. Yael fondly recalls her visits to Greece, where they would start with a big meal by the ocean, enjoying fresh fish and vegetables with an unforgettable taste. They would discuss family, life, and toast with Greek wine to celebrate their resilience before diving into work at the studio and factory.

The essence of the sun, optimism, lightness, and humor is intricately woven into the brand’s designs and DNA. OZAI N KU is a brand that masterfully combines seemingly incompatible elements. It embraces individuals who love the designer’s look, encouraging them to stand out with a vast range of easy-going designer clothes suitable for every size, budget, and occasion. 

As the latest venture of a family company with a rich 60-year history in the fashion industry, OZAI N KU is now run by the fourth generation, a testament to their dedication and craftsmanship. Their long-lasting success is also indicative of a satisfied and loyal clientele and suppliers.

OZAI N KU maintains a team of in-house design experts and external partners, including designers, production managers, buyers, pattern makers, quality controllers, sample makers, and stylists. This creative culture, genuine passion for design, and clear vision drive the brand’s focus on product excellence. They pay keen attention to detail and fully understand their clients’ needs, ensuring all products are proudly MADE IN GREECE.

This partnership between OZAI N KU and Alembika not only celebrates the unique strengths of both brands but also sets a new standard in the fashion industry. As they move forward, Alembika and Ozai N Ku are poised to continue making waves and inspiring fashion enthusiasts around the world.

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