On Wisdom for Younger Women: “We are what we think.” by Furaha Moye

As an older woman, I’m now able to reflect on what it was like being a younger woman.  I can recall easily the choices that were made to satisfy the wishes or attitudes of those who were intimidated by my zest for life.  I can recall shrinking away or dimming my light to make someone else feel better; not even acknowledging the internal turmoil I was creating for myself.

In my humble opinion, the challenges in the 21st century unfortunately have not changed a lot from previous centuries.  I would say to younger women to live in the moment as that is really all there is.  I would tell them to follow their dreams, whether they are popular or not; they are YOUR dreams, YOUR choice.  I would tell them to accept their bodies as being beautiful at all ages and stages; to not buy into the trap of looking youthful forever.  There is beauty in every segment, decade of life and to realize getting older is a blessing rather than a curse.  I would encourage them to be their authentic selves, their honest selves in all aspects of their lives.  To seek happiness within themselves because that is where true happiness lives.  And finally, to let the past go and not allow it to define your present or your future; that can lead to a lifetime of self-sabotage and regret.  

What I know now and understand finally at the age of 74 is that if I at first love myself I then have the capacity to love; to share love, to spread love and to be love.  Regardless of the madness swirling around us the one true thing is love. Embrace who you are and how you are and be all the awesome woman you were intended here to be!

It has taken me the better part of these years to accept and acknowledge that I was truly standing in my own way; that I was responsible for blocking my blessings.  It’s also true that only I have the power to affect that change; and it has to begin internally.  I had sown the seeds of self-doubt, fear, and recriminations for so long that they actually had become dear friends that I feared releasing.  Yes, I was familiar with manifestation, or so I thought.  The process to renewal, self-love, confidence, love, worth, and joy all begin with the first step.  These realizations in spite of how confident I appear have only come to fruition in recent months.  It then became a conscious effort to reframe negative thoughts and actions.  It was vital to seek out the demons within and slay them with the force of good, God’s intentions for me here and sheer will to realize my dreams.  

I can honestly tell you now that it’s a journey well worth every ounce of effort within; because when I submitted my Comp Card for NYFW 2024 for the first time and received an audition date the very next day, I was thrilled!  Scared to death, but thrilled.  From that point forward my intention was positive and I found myself claiming success.  Manifestation really DOES work!  I’m living proof.  

When I stepped out onto the runway for NYFW and was greeted by cheering crowds, I was all at once humble, grateful, ecstatic, prayerful, and cried tears of happiness.  The path was long and arduous yet there were many along the way that saw beauty and possibility in me that I wasn’t able to see in myself.  To Yael, Alembika, Jianhui, and Susie Lang, I am forever grateful.  The road to New York Fashion Week likely would never have happened without their continued support and encouragement.

Yes, we are what we think.  Believe that every dream you see for yourself is possible.  Have faith in God, yourself, your tribe that loves you and never, ever give up.  And as for being a woman of a certain age; it’s never too late!  Dream on and make your mark.

Furaha Moye

Furaha is a multi-talented woman who wears many hats… She is an actress, model, singer, tap dancer and photographer. The beauty of all these things, she says, is how they all fit together. “I choose to believe that everything happens for a specific and finite reason.”



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