If you find yourself saying “once I (fill in the blank), I’ll be happy,” then you might be a Destination Addict and today’s post is just for you! (by the way, we all do this). 

What is Destination Addiction? It is the fixated belief that happiness is in the next place, the next clothing size or with the next romance. 

But really happiness is within you no matter what your dress size is, no matter where you live, no matter where you earn a living and no matter whom you are with (or without).

Yes, of course a new job, a new apartment, a new pants size or a new love can bring you great happiness at first but your outlook on life and your inner critic will impact that in the long run. 

Inner happiness can be challenging to achieve if you are punishing yourself over your past, doubting your future or if you are viewing your present moments with a muddied point of view. 

For perspective, here’s an email received from The Universe (a fun daily email you can sign up for to receive a jolt of joyful and fun inspiration):

“From where I sit, it is a mystery to me, how so many can look back on their past with pride, yet frown with disappointment at their present. Somehow forgetting that back then, they were just as self-critical, while somehow missing that today they’ve never, ever, been so close to all they’ve ever wanted. Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are.”

Consider yourself on high alert for any Destination Addiction statements or actions that show up. You may choose to write them down. Notice if you find any similar moments in the past where you wanted the same exact thing. Did it lead you to lasting happiness or did the old junk show up again? If it didn’t change things, reflect on why that is.  If it did change things, think about why it finally worked? 

Actively noticing and capturing these thoughts and their results can be a powerful tool to break any destination addiction you may have and find the miracle of your present day and moment.


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