Hello spring chickens, how are you all doing out there? If your answer is “I’m doing amazing!” then congratulations, it can take a lot to feel so great that you include an exclamation point in your response. Sometimes, however, you may not feel like using exclamation points. Sometimes you may want to push the writer who is using them into a wall. That’s ok, that’s totally normal. 

I do want to remind you that you are a multifaceted, dynamic, magical being and deserve to sparkle even on the days where it’s more of a dull shine. If today’s the day you are ready to get your sparkle back, try these easy-to-implement steps.


Your living or office space is an energy field and if it’s layered with last month’s argument or last week’s headache, it can linger and pollute your sparkle. To shake it up and break it up:

  • Sweep and clap in the corners
  • Play and dance to your favorite music so THAT energy sticks around
  • Open the windows and fill your space with fresh air
  • Shift some things around like items on your desk or reorganizing your spice rack
  • You may also want to spring clean your social media feed by removing or muting any accounts that stress you out or make you feel bad

The goal here is to add some life and newness into your day. Think of these as little acts of kindness to yourself and to your surroundings.


Little touches of beautiful things can elevate your mood and attract more of that good stuff.

  • Eat lunch from a pretty bowl instead of the tupperware container you carried it in
  • Treat yourself to a nice piece of jewelry that delights you everytime you catch your reflection
  • Choose a gorgeous work of art as your phone’s wallpaper or select a classical masterpiece as your ringtone
  • Join our community of other lovelies via #AlembikaWomen to inspire and be inspired

Having faith or a belief in something greater than you can provide the sparkle you need especially when your light has faded away. Some simple ways to warm up include:

  • Get lost in nature. There are so many studies out now about how walking in the forest or sitting on a beach or simply getting sunlight can reduce anxiety, increase happiness and help you feel grounded. Being in nature can show you that miracles happen each day. Just look at how the sun rises and sets, painting with a different palette of colors in the sky every day and night. Wow!
  • Meditate. “If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour everyday, you should meditate for two hours.” – Zen Proverb. Seriously, adding meditation into your morning or evening is a way to let go and connect with yourself. You’ll be amazed at how often the answers you seek are within you but you can’t hear those messages if your brain is busy talking.
  • Surround yourself with inspired and resilient people. If your circle does not yet include those kinds of people you can begin by listening to podcasts such as Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays or reading books like Chicken Soup for the Soul. Filling your head with their words and their stories are a great way to rekindle your own fire and desires.

Use any and all of these steps as you see fit and feel free to add in anything you’ve learned along the way. Your wisdom is one of the shiniest things you have. And if you’d like to pair your shiny wisdom with some gorgeous new arrivals, that’s not a terrible idea either.

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