Jewelry plays a significant role in communicating who you are and has for hundreds of years. A precious sapphire in a queen’s crown commands, “all eyes on me, I’m royalty.” A symbolic gold ring on the left hand means, “in a relationship.” A necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings can represent confidence. 

The real magic happens when you attach significant meaning to the jewelry you buy or receive because each time you wear it, you’ll remember a special occasion, an important reminder or a transformative intention. What kind of magic are you hoping to create? Perhaps one of these beautiful pieces from Alembika’s jewelry collection is calling your name.

In many cultures the bluebird is a symbol of hope and joy while in others, a bluebird signals that good news will be arriving soon. We just think this Tahiti Bird Bead Necklace in Blue is a joyful reminder to speak your truth and always aim for the sky. It’s an added bonus that there are three abstractly-carved bluebird beads, because three is the magic number.


This statement piece reminds everyone, including yourself, that YOU are a living, breathing work of art. Colorful shapes add a vibrant splash of fun to your wardrobe and each meticulously hand-crafted piece is unique and slightly different from the others. What a way to honor your own individuality! You can up the ante by choosing a FACETED CLIP EARRINGS, Color Match of Your Choice such as the sea green earrings seen here. The more color you add into your life, the more magic you invite.

No Mud, No Lotus. Quite possibly one of the most globally-recognized symbols of purity. The miraculous flower is held by its roots in the mud, but its pristine flower blooms above the water. Wearing this necklace and earring combo signifies transformation, growth and a beautiful, expansive wisdom within. The two freeform lotus petals float on this string of multi-sized marbled beads. The Lotus Clip Earrings and the Lotus Dangle Earrings are hand-crafted in a special process with Resin, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Did you know that a circle is a symbol of wholeness, totality and infinite possibilities? What a lovely message for yourself and the world that you are always a work in progress, growing more outstanding with each new day. This sleek, modern, medium-width bangle is stackable and comes in four dynamite colors that you can group together or wear on an as-needed basis. It’s up to you because, remember, your possibilities are endless.

You’re in luck! Jade is a symbol of fortune and believed to have protective, good vibes energy and our Rounded Bangle Bracelet in Jade in medium width is the perfect way to take this lucky-charm with you wherever you go. Pair it with the Seahorse Bead Necklace, Sea Green for exotic mermaid energy. 

The world is your oyster! Today’s assignment is to go on a treasure hunt through our jewelry collection and see what strikes your fancy. 

Save the date because later this month, we’ve planned a stunning Zoom Cafe for Friday, April 28th at 4pm ET with another jewelry artist you’ll want to meet.

Buy-buy you gorgeous thing, you!

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