At Alembika, we want you to feel comfortable in your body. Not the body you fantasize about or wish you had. But the body you have right now. Our sincere wish is that everyone lives life to the fullest, no matter what part of the journey you are on, which includes loving the skin you’re in—just as you are—not the way you think you “ought to be.”

Let’s face it, we all experience our bodies in a complex way, whether we wear Petite, Missy or Plus sizes. And personally, our self image changes over the years, as we age… It may be challenging to accept weight, wrinkles and scars, even if it is the natural way of life. It is this very notion that inspires Alembika’s head designer, Hagar Alembik, to create clothing that treats all bodies with respect. And as Alembika has evolved, so, too, has the sizing. You spoke and we listened… And the Plus Size Capsule was born. 

Our NEW PLUS SIZE CAPSULE was specifically designed to fit 1X (16-18), 2X (18-20) and 3X (20-22) size ranges, but each piece is cut roomier through the bust, arms, waist and hips. How are these new designs different from Alembika’s other plus designs in Israeli sizes 6 (US 16-18) & 8 (US 20-22)? Our NEW PLUS SIZE CAPSULE offers Hagar’s legendary silhouettes for the same beautiful shape and drape—but with a fuller cut all-around, offering a little extra breathing room—and making fashion therapeutic, too!

Each garment is meticulously designed to caress your curves and drape you with love, so you feel comfortable not only in your own skin, but the cloth you’ve chosen to cover yourself with—wherever you are, whatever you may be doing. Whether it’s leading a conference or enjoying dinner al fresco, attending a gallery or taking a simple stroll, Alembika offers unique, creative, standout fashion that is truly therapeutic for the body and soul—and elicits compliments, also good for the soul.

Loving the skin you’re in is not just about finding fashion that works, although that’s fantastic, too. It’s about appreciating your body, each part of it, for all of the things it does for you! When was the last time you thanked your body and its many beautiful, working parts? Now may be a good time to start. 

Seriously… I had a few sessions with a holistic health coach once who, as homework, asked me to stand in front of the mirror, nude, each morning after bathing, and say aloud: Thank you, hands, for working so hard, arthritis and all. Thank you, arms, for carrying groceries. Thanks, legs and feet, for supporting me all day and getting me from A to B. Thank you, eyes, for seeing everything and leading the way. And so on. It works. Try it.

Body image is how we see ourselves; our mental picture. Having a healthy body image means recognizing the qualities and strengths that make you feel good about yourself. And, when you feel good about yourself, it lifts your self esteem, your confidence. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to banish ingrained ways of thinking we have had since childhood. But we can use mindfulness to shift our thinking.

All said, you are stuck with you for the rest of your life, so you might as well have a healthy relationship with yourself. Focusing on the negative soaks the mind with negative energy. Focusing on the positive soaks the mind with good energy. It takes practice. One place to start is by making a list of the things you love about yourself, your special talents or abilities, your health and wellbeing, or something you look forward to doing in your free time. Keep the list handy for whenever you may need to embrace an attitude of gratitude. We love you just the way your are. We hope you love you, too.

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